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=== Introductory Programming Workshops ===
Curriculum for running an introductory programming workshop for women and their friends. [[Boston Python Workshop|Primary materials are for teaching Python]], but we also have [ resources for Ruby on Rails (via Railsbridge)] and Scala (forthcoming).
Curricula and guides for running introductory programming workshops.
Goal of the event: Introducing more people to programming in a way that encourages them to stick around.
Photo of one (if available): (TODO)
How to run it: [[Boston Python Workshop| BPW curriculum]]
How OpenHatch usually helps: (TODO)
Links to blog posts etc. of past instances of the event: [ Blog post about the 6th BPW], [ Video of Jessica and Asheesh's talk about BPW]
Links to resources they'll find useful when organizing: [[Boston Python Workshop|The Boston Python Workshop for Women and Their Friends's curriculum]], [ Railsbridge's Ruby on Rails Workshop for Women and Their Friends curriculum], Scala curriculum (forthcoming).
=== Project Nights ===
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