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To create an event webpage in the style of [ this one]:
* Building the website
** Fork [ the template repository] (as Github limits the number of forks an individual can make of a single repo, you may need to fork a different oh-campus site or email Github to request your previous forks be made free-standing repositories.)
** Customize
** Change repository name to reflect event
*** Change colorsrepository if needed (I likename to use schoolreflect colors)event
*** Change text:colors date,if time,needed location,(I namelike ofto hostsuse school colors)
*** Change text: date, time, location, name of hosts
*** Create a new sign up form for the event (may just duplicate previous ones) and change the link on the website.
** Add, commit, and push changes back to Github.
* AskSet Asheeshup to create the Nearly Free site.
** HopefullyAsk thisAsheesh will(ie haveneeds better instructions eventually )
* Set up domain name with
* Log into (username openhatch, password '''a terrible secret''') and create a new CNAME record
** GoLog tointo manager(username openhatch) and clickcreate 'Createa new CNAME record'
*** Go to DNS manager and click 'Create new CNAME record'
** Alias <campusname> to oh<campusname>
*** AlsoAlias alias www.<campusname> to oh<campusname>
*** AliasAlso alias www.<campusname> to oh<campusname>
* SSH into linode
** cp -a some_old_dirold_dir some_new_dirnew_dir
** cd some_new_dirnew_dir
** rm -rf data
** git clone git:// data
** edit and run ./update_and_push
*** row 6: change url
*** row 15: change ssh command