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** Add, commit, and push changes back to Github.
* Set up site
** Visit
** Ask Asheesh (ie needs better instructions)
** Log in as Asheesh (paulproteus) by clicking "Member Login", etc. (sadly I think only Asheesh can do this due to permissions)
** Click "Accounts" in top nav
** Click "OpenHatch" account
** Click "Create a new site"
** Type oh-''university_name'' in the site name field
** Enter ''university_name'' in the "User another name" form
** Choose "Static content, stochastic" as site type
** Click "Create now"
** Visit the site's admin panel in, and then "Add a new alias"
** Add www.''university_name''.openhatchorg as an alias
* Set up domain name with
** Log into (username openhatch) and create a new CNAME record