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== Colleges and universities ==
== Colleges and universities ==
=== All-gender ===
* Asheesh has contacts at Johns Hopkins, and can send a note there (either to the ACM computer club) or to the women's group (see below)
=== Women's colleges and universities ===
=== Women's colleges and universities ===

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Here are some ideas for getting the word out, about free software and programming outreach events that are targeted at women.

Some events are women-only, and other events are open-invitation. Use your judgment as to what groups listed her are more and less likely to be interested in your announcement.

Women in tech-oriented web publications

  • The Geek Feminism blog has a bunch of contributors who write for it. Get in touch with one, and ask him/her to write a note about your event.

Colleges and universities

Women's colleges and universities

Women's groups at all-gender institutions

  • Carnegie Mellon Women in CS
  • Harvey Mudd women in CS
  • Penn women in CS
  • Johns Hopkins women in CS