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This is a minutes page from one of our OpenHatch meetings.

You can find a list of all our meetings here.

Meeting objective[edit]

To show, in one hour, fans of OpenHatch what the website does and what we're working on lately, and to offer a space to discuss improvements and ideas.


Topic 0: Asheesh gives a brief explanation of what he wants the website to be: 5 minutes[edit]

Topic 1: Asheesh leads a guided tour of the website: 15 minutes[edit]

During this, I'd be very interested in hearing questions.

Topic 2: Recent OpenHatch contributors share what they've been working on: 15 minutes[edit]

  • Karen
  • Jack
  • John Stumpo, or if he can't be there, I can take up his part
  • Danny Piccirillo, or if he can't be there, I can take up his part

Topic 3: Open discussion about the website: 25 minutes[edit]

An IRC free-for-all!