Community Data Science Workshops (Spring 2014)/Saturday April 5th lecture

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Welcome to the Saturday lecture section of the Boston Python Workshop! For about 2 hours, we'll work through an introduction to the Python programming language via both a lecture and hand-on exercises.


Lecture outline

  1. review Friday material
    • math
    • type()
    • variables
    • strings
    • booleans
    • if/elif/else
    • functions
  2. lists
    • purpose
    • initialization
    • len() review
    • accessing elements
    • adding elements
    • changing elements
    • slicing lists
    • strings are like lists
  3. loops and more flow control
    • for loops
    • if statements inside for loops
    • nested for loops
    • range()
    • while loops
    • infinite loops
    • if statements inside while loops
    • break
    • raw_input()
  4. dictionaries
    • purpose
    • initialization
    • accessing elements
    • adding elements
    • changing elements
    • keys() and values()
  5. modules
    • purpose
    • builtins
    • imports
    • import random
    • random.randint
    • random.choice
    • walk through

Where from is the grand finale and synthesis of lecture material.