Static site hosting/create

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Note: This guideline is written by Shauna, for Shauna. You will likely have to adapt it to your needs/permissions - please do contact us if you need help!

To create an event webpage in the style of this one:

  • Building the website
    • Create an organization for the school, for example: oh-hogwarts. Make sure the hello@ email address is used for account name.
    • Fork the template repository into the organization account and rename to be a page, for example:
    • Edit the CNAME record in the template to redirect to the appropriate domain name, for example:
    • Customize
      • Change repository name to reflect event
      • Change colors if needed (I like to use school colors)
      • Change text: date, time, location, name of hosts
      • Create a new sign up form for the event (may just duplicate previous ones) and change the link on the website.
    • Add, commit, and push changes back to Github.
  • Set up domain name with
    • Log into (username openhatch) and create a new CNAME record
      • Go to "DNS Settings" (it's an option in the drop-down in the right-most column)
      • Scroll to bottom of page to add two new records:
        • Type: CNAME
        • Alias <campusname> to oh-<campusname>
        • Also alias www.<campusname> to <campusname>