The #openhatch community is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all. To participate in the community, you must abide by the rules.

The Ops for this community are Asheesh ("paulproteus", "paulprot1us|mobi") and Shauna ("shauna"). They are both persistently signed in to OpenHatch but may not actually be paying attention to the channel. If pinging or private messaging them does not work for you, you may also email This address goes to Asheesh, Shauna, the OpenHatch board, and a small number of long time OpenHatch community members.

This Code of Conduct is subject to change/evolution. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the discussion section of this page. That is the primary place to discuss issues with the Code of Conduct, although you may also contact the Ops. If enough people are interested in discussing a particular issue, we may schedule an IRC "meeting" to talk as a community.


1. No harassment of any kind is tolerated. Harassment includes offensive comments related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, race, religion, or skill level. Participants who engage in harassing behavior are to comply immediately when asked to stop. Ops may take actions ranging from warning the offender to asking the offender to leave the channel to banning the offender from the channel permanently.

2. Remarks that make any community members go “Hm, that’s inappropriate”, whether on the above list or not are also not allowed. If anyone asks you to halt an argument or stop making a joke, please do so. You are welcome to contact the Ops privately to discuss the situation.

3. The #openhatch channel is "family friendly". Do not make sexual remarks, link to sexual images, pay sexual/romantic attention to individuals, or curse in the channel.

4. When talking about specific projects, languages, or organizations, please keep any criticism constructive and specific.

Examples of constructive criticism:

I sure wish OpenHatch would review pull requests more quickly.

I think the OpenHatch code base is a little messy - it could use some serious refactoring.

I'm disappointed it took the community at OpenHatch years to finally create a Code of Conduct.

Examples of non-constructive criticism:

OpenHatch sucks.

OpenHatch is mostly built with Python. Why does anyone use Python anymore?

The people at OpenHatch are so full of themselves!


1. Don't ask to ask! Please feel free to just ask your question.

2. Please ask permission publicly before sending a private message to an individual in the channel.

A Note on Bots

We try to keep bots out of the main channel. If you want to test out a bot, try out #openhatch-bots.

There are three "official" bots within the channel:

  • SNAILbot
  • OpenHatch_hudson
  • WelcomeBot

There is also a bot, GitCommits, that occasionally enters the channel to announce that something has been committed to the main OpenHatch site.

Of these, WelcomeBot is the one you're most likely to interact with. If you want to change WelcomeBot's behavior, see its repository or contact Shauna.


Portions of this code of conduct have been adapted from: