Making changes to the blog

This is a page about improving or modifying OpenHatch.

We call that "Hacking OpenHatch," and there is a whole category of pages about that.

When making changes to the blog, keep the following notes in mind:

Server facts

  • The blog runs as www-data on
  • It lives in /var/www/blog/

Sanity checklist

If you've made some changes to the blog backend, GET the following resources using wget and make sure they don't fail:

Do a GET of them in a web browser, too, to make sure the styling looks okay.

Then, log into the backend. (Make sure to log out if you are already logged-in, so that the test is a high-quality test.)

Make sure it still accepts your admin username and that clicking around the admin doesn't show any obvious problems.

Do a test file upload, of an image. If you're looking for a good image to add to our blog as a media file, I recommend this 1x1 GIF.

Finally, make a test comment. This is a good URL for that: