About OpenHatch

OpenHatch is an open source project with the goals of lowering the barriers to entry into open source contribution and increasing diversity. We achieve these goals through a number of endeavors:

  • training missions on the OpenHatch website that help you get experience with common tools of open source development: http://openhatch.org/missions/
  • an active IRC channel, #openhatch on Freenode, where we mentor new contributors to open source projects.
  • outreach events of several flavors, including the Boston Python Workshop and Open Source Comes to Campus events.
  • a project rolodex and indexed bugs that help match projects and volunteers. You can browse projects and bugs based on your interests and desired programming languages. In particular, we have "bitesized" bugs that have been identified as good, small tasks for new contributors: http://openhatch.org/search/

Read more on our about page.

Get in touch

OpenHatch welcomes both new and experienced contributors to open source projects. If you'd like to work with a mentor as you make your first contributions to OpenHatch, here are two ways to get in touch:

You can find more ways to get in touch with us, as well as instructions for using IRC, on our Contact page.

You can also reach out directly to a mentor listed below.

OpenHatch mentors

Name IRC nickname Can help with
Asheesh Laroia paulproteus Anything! He is a great person to ask about getting your OpenHatch environment set up.
Jessica McKellar jesstess Anything! She is a great person ask about getting help on a bug or finding bugs to work on.
Karen Rustad aldeka Anything! She is a great person to ask about artwork, user interface and usability in OpenHatch.
Jack Grigg pythonian4000 Anything! He is a great person to ask about working on new OpenHatch features.