Open Source Comes to Campus/Curriculum/Tools

The Open Source Communications Tools presentation has had several iterations.

Current Versions

The presentation has been recently put in video format and is available online here.

You can see the transcript for the video presentation here.

The slides you see used in that video presentation can be found here (click "raw" to download the .odp file, or clone the whole repository).

Do you want to give this presentation in person? The walkthrough breaks the transcript down into "key concepts" to cover, and specifies what to do for each of the slide changes, links, and activities.

Past Versions

Ideas for Improvement

  • Split "Intro to the Event/What is Open Source?" and "Communications Tools" into two separate presentations.
  • Modularize the activities in the tools section so that they can be taught separately.
  • Do more with IRC section to help people get more comfortable and overcome shyness.