Open Source Comes to Campus/GitHub reimbursements

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Purpose of this page

With GitHub as a generous food sponsor of Open Source Comes to Campus events, we use this page to keep ourselves organized and make sure OpenHatch knows how to get GitHub to reimburse us, and keep track of pending reimbursements.

Reimbursement information

They live in a Google Drive folder. Look within "OH → OSCTC Planning → Admin Stuff → Github reimbursements".


  • One separate folder per event, named e.g. "Purdue 2013-09-22"
  • To get a shareable folder link, click on the down arrow at the bottom of the folder label, then click "Share..." and that will give you a copy-pastable folder link.
  • The receipts may contain private information about the person who made the payment, so while it is OK to make the permissions be "Anyone with the link can view", be sparing about whom you give the link to.
  • Upload receipts, one receipt per file, as PDF or JPG.
    • I recommend turning off "Google Docs conversion" when doing this, but I don't know what happens if you leave it on. Maybe it's all OK.
  • Create a summary file called, e.g. "Purdue summary" that is a spreadsheet that contains:
    • The amount of each receipt
    • The rationale (e.g., "Dinner")
    • A formula that sums those up
    • Info on how to reimburse

Mike Linksvayer is, at the moment, responsible for making sure GitHub actually does reimburse us.

Reimbursement process

To get reimbursed for reasonable food expenses at an event, we need to:

  • For each receipt we are requesting reimbursement for, email a link to the Google Drive folder, with each receipt as a separate PDF or JPG, to John Britton (the Education Liaison at GitHub) along with
  • the amount of each receipt, and
  • the total reimbursement requested, and
  • the preferred way to get reimbursed.

They seem to enjoy using Venmo. Venmo doesn't want to support corporate accounts, it seems, so we should try to ask GitHub what might be a non-Venmo way that they like would be. The obvious (?) is check in the mail to OpenHatch's Walnut, CA address; even better for us would be a PayPal transfer if they can do that without a fee. (The PSF can do that, so probably GitHub can too.)