Open Source Comes to Campus/In a Box

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This page is deprecated. See the website for up-to-date info.

Open Source Comes to Campus In a Box is our attempt to make this event easy for other people to adapt and run.

If you're interested in working with us to run an event, please contact us and tell us so! Probably the best route for this particular query is email.

(If you'd like to take these materials and go do your own thing, that's fine too, but the rest of this page assumes you'd like our remote support.)

We've done a lot of work to document our process. Here's what we have to offer you:


You can find the full curriculum for Open Source Comes to Campus on the Curriculum page. All of the activities have the materials we use available, and many have instructor guides/walkthroughs as well. We're beginning the process of adding screencasts/videos for some of our materials as well.

We're happy to talk with you at length about the curriculum and do trainings for any activities or sections you don't feel comfortable with.


There are a number of logistical hurdles when planning an event, from finding space and making sure you have the right equipment to ordering the right amount of food. We keep these logistics organized via a shared folder which you can copy for your event. The Logistics page has a bunch of advice as well (and is referenced several times from the overview documents in the shared folder.)

If you find any of this documentation confusing or insufficient, we'll be happy to answer all your questions (and we'll use your feedback to improve our process!)


We'll provide you with a customizable publicity website as well as template flyers and template emails. We're happy to help if you have additional ideas for publicity.


One of the most important parts of a successful event is making sure you have friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff. We have a large network of OpenHatch fans and volunteers who we'll ask to staff your event, and we'll help you find new volunteers as well.

We'll also support you with a number of remote staff, including:

  • Throughout the event, Asheesh and/or Shauna will be available remotely.
  • During the contributions workshop, we'll have maintainers of selected projects available to help guide attendees through contributing to said projects via IRC.
  • There are pros and cons to doing the career panel remotely. If you decide you want to do the career panel via videoconference, we can hook you up with some amazing people working in open source who will participate.

Open Source Comes to Campus has relationships with sponsors who may cover the cost of food and/or travel. We may also be able to help you find local sponsors, and/or cover a portion of costs ourselves.

A Note

You don't have to follow our methods or curriculum exactly to run an Open Source Comes to Campus event! We're happy to see you customize and experiment.