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On OS X, we'll be using LimeChat, a popular graphical IRC chat client.

IRC client setup instructions

  1. Download LimeChat from the Mac App Store
  2. Read through the material in this LimeChat tutorial.

IRC client practice: joining the OpenHatch channel

During this workshop we'll get practice using IRC and help each other as we contribute to projects in the #openhatch channel on the Freenode network.

Here are the connection details for joining the Freenode network and the OpenHatch IRC channel:

IRC server name:
channel name: #openhatch

Given that information, and reviewing the overview above, use the app to connect to Freenode and join the OpenHatch channel. Pick any nickname you like. :) Once you have joined the channel, say hello!

Registering a nickname on Freenode (optional)

You can pick a permanent name by "registering a nick". This doesn't mean you can't easily go by other names - instead, it reserves the nick you register so it can be used only by you. To register a nick, type the following command into your client's input line:

   /msg NickServ REGISTER password

Replace "password" with a secure password and "" with your email. Further details are at the Freenode FAQ pages.

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