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SSH stands for "secure shell". It allows you to securely access a shell (like the command line window you used earlier) on a remote machine. Luckily for us, Linux comes with an SSH client installed.

SSH instructions

  1. Start a command prompt. You can review how to do this in the command line navigation section.
  2. To create a secure shell on a remote machine, you run the command ssh <username>@<hostname>. You'll be prompted for the password for username on the remote host. After entering the password, a command prompt will be displayed, and voila -- you are logged in to a remote machine!
  3. We have set up access to a Linux machine for you to play with. Here are the credentials for that machine:
    username: anyterp
    password: terpterp
    Using that account information, and using the command template "ssh <username>@<hostname>", try using ssh to log into as username anyterp.
  4. This remote machine is running Linux, so it uses the same commands for navigating the filesystem as those you practiced earlier. Play around with those commands on

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