Python Workshops for Beginners/Saturday October 25th review

Welcome to the first review session for the Python Workshops for Beginners! We'll quickly go over the content from last class, work on exercises, and keep the floor open for questions to make sure everyone is on track for the morning lecture.


Lecture Outline

  1. Review from last time
    • variables
    • strings
    • if
    • functions
    • lists
    • for loops
    • raw_input()
    • dictionaries
    • using a module
  2. Review exercises
    1. Write a function hello in ''
    2. Debugging common problems with code
    3. String matching
      words = ['zebra', 'weather', 'spaghetti', 'pierogies', 'squash', 'zucchini', 'pizza']
    4. Dictionary exercise from Shakespeare