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Over time, we've learned that the best projects to recommend to newcomers are those that have clear, thorough guides for newcomers.
We've created a detailed how-to for creating these (see the [httpshttp://docs.googleopensource-events.com/document/d/1UGtR_6XWBn4_vo37Kn_hNXmzpwLaSJEZxc8rqFKhy#project-U/editsetup Opendetailed Source Project Guidehow-to] -for #2:creating Project Setup)these. The basics that we look for are:
* Contact information for the project as a whole, as well as one or more maintainers who will be OpenHatch's main points of contact.
* An overview of the purpose of the project, as well as its basic structure, tools and technologies.
(Coming soon.)
(For now, maybe check out our [[Recommended Projects]] instead.)
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