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''Note: This guideline is written by Shauna, for Shauna. You will likely have to adapt it to your needs/permissions - please do contact us if you need help!''
* Fork a repository of a previous site
** Customize repository name
To create an event webpage in the style of [http://wellesley.openhatch.org/ this one]:
** Customize contents
** Push back to github
* Fork [https://github.com/openhatch/oh-campus-template the template repository] (as Github limits the number of forks an individual can make of a single repo, you may need to fork a different oh-campus site or email Github to request your previous forks be made free-standing repositories.)
** Customize contents
** CustomizeChange repository name to reflect event
** Change colors if needed (I like to use school colors)
** Change text: date, time, location, name of hosts
** Create a new sign up form for the event (may just duplicate previous ones) and change the link on the website.
* Add, commit, and push changes back to Github.
* Ask Asheesh to create the Nearly Free Speech.net site.
** Hopefully this will have better instructions eventually
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