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== Goal #1: set up Python ==
(Estimated completion time: 2 - 10 minutes)
First things first: we need to install Python! Please complete the instructions below for your operating system.
== Goal #2: install a text editor ==
(Estimated completion time: 2 - 10 minutes)
In addition to being able to run Python, we are going to install a good text editor for writing Python code.
== Goal #3: practice terminal navigation ==
(Estimated completion time: 10 - 15 minutes)
Throughout this class, we'll be running Python programs from the terminal, which means we'll want to be comfortable with navigating to those programs from the terminal prompt. In this section, we'll practice using these navigation commands.
* [[Skillshare intro to Python/Unit 1/OSX terminal navigation|OS X]]
* [[Skillshare intro to Python/Unit 1/Linux terminal navigation|Linux]]
You've set up your programming environment, gotten comfortable with Python, and are a terminal pro. Keep practicing!
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