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** To help me do the contacting in batch, first I'll be making a spreadsheet or similar table of these groups, with estimates for their sizes.
** Initial contact by Wed June 26.
== Info website ==
Let's start by making it Asheesh's tips for a great user group.
Those are:
* Think about newcomer-friendliness in your topics
* Don't do it alone (see also Yannick summary)
* Host lightning talks
* Have a social thing after the talks
* Run a BPW clone
* Keep track of your success
** Random sampling is a good tool in general, if you can't reach everyone
* Funding tips
** PSF wants to fiscally sponsor you probably/possibly
** Get your Meetup fees refunded
What else?
Status: http://user-groups-beta.openhatch.org/
I also already know some text changes I should make, having used the text as part of convincing ChiPy to do project nights.
== Pinging user groups ==
Being tracked in Trello. Specifically:
* [https://trello.com/b/k1nKgpJK/project-night-candidates Project Night candidates] (board open for public viewing)
* Future board to be made.
=== Groups where I think I can make a difference ===
* ChiPy http://www.chipy.org/
** Pinged someone there to have a Hangouts conversation. Hoping to hear back by Mon Aug 26.
** This could lead to 1/3 speaker diversity goals.
** Other relevant groups
*** http://www.meetup.com/WomanDevelopers/
*** http://www.meetup.com/Girl-Develop-It-Chicago-IL/
** Project night status: they want to have one, but I don't know who can "run" it. I just pinged aeva to see if it makes sense as a one-off to organize something that's theoretically a PS:1 + ChiPy collaboration.
* SF Python http://www.meetup.com/sfpython/
** Pinged them with a possible speaker.
** This could lead to 1/3 speaker diversity goals.
* DC Python http://www.meetup.com/dcpython/
** 1 woman speaker in the past year
** It seems likely that I can help connect them with speakers. Next unmet speaker slot is in December.
*** Though I wonder if it'd be interesting to have, like, DC Python Data Science lightning talks at the upcoming data science-y one.
** Encouraged to apply for Meetup reimbursement on 2013-10-03; no answer yet.
** Other relevant groups:
*** http://www.meetup.com/dc-pyladies/
* Baltimore Python
** Had phone call; maybe will run a Project Night soon.
** Encouraged to apply for Meetup reimbursement on 2013-10-03; no answer yet.
* ~200 peoplle Vancouver Python http://www.meetup.com/vanpyz/
** I sent them a ping. Could be a good target for a project night.
** I should send them a fresh ping.
* Paris Python http://www.meetup.com/Paris-py-Python-Django-friends/
** Probably they'd love to do a project night. Yay Sylvain Zimmer.
* ~200 Python Ireland http://www.meetup.com/pythonireland/
** Super healthy group: women leader, seems to be fairly diverse in attendance and speaking.
** 20-40 attendees per meeting
** Could possibly add a project night. Pinging.
Groups where further research is required:
* NYC Python http://www.meetup.com/nycpython/
* SF Django http://www.meetup.com/The-San-Francisco-Django-Meetup-Group/
* Austin Python
* NYC Django http://www.meetup.com/django-nyc/
* Sydney Python http://www.meetup.com/sydneypython/
* Brisbane Python http://www.meetup.com/Brisbane-Python-User-Group/
* Oslo Python http://www.meetup.com/oslo-python/
* Miami Python http://www.meetup.com/python-miami/
* Pune Python http://www.meetup.com/PythonPune/
* Hyderabad Python http://www.meetup.com/Hyderabad-Python-Meetup-Group/
* Cleveland Python http://www.meetup.com/Cleveland-Area-Python-Interest-Group/
* Django Stockholm http://www.meetup.com/djangosthlm/
* Pittsburgh Python http://www.meetup.com/pghpython/
* Python Chile http://www.meetup.com/python-chile/
* Central Ohio Python http://www.meetup.com/Central-Ohio-Python-Users-Group/
Groups that seem OK:
* Boston Python http://www.meetup.com/bostonpython/
** I presume they have things under control, but maybe I should check in anyway.
* FIXME: Add socal linux stuff per #openhatch conversation 2013-08-30
== Status ==
=== Dates ===
Started: June 1, 2013
Mid-way: October 16, 2013
Extended end: March 1, 2014
=== First half of grant period ===
Groups running intro & diversity events:
# SF Python started running Project Nights
# An introductory Python lecture in a new user group in Bhubaneswar, India, run by Tarashish Mishra. This led to the creation of [http://pybbs.in/ PyBBS].
Groups with gender diversity improvements in speakers:
# SF Python
Goals were:
* At least 3 intro / diversity events get run after consultation with the fellow in each of the first half of the fellowship (2 of 3 achieved)
* At least 3 user groups improve their speaker diversity in the first half of the fellowship (1 of 3 achieved)
=== Second half of grant period ===
(Caret (^) means the event either happened already, or is scheduled and progressing along toward success. High certainty.)
(Star (*) indicates not yet scheduled, but seems very likely to happen. Moderate certainty.)
(Question (?) indicates that it is planned, but not scheduled yet. Low certainty.)
(Plus (+) indicates that it is expected, but '''after''' the end of the grant period. This by itself does not affect certainty.)
Groups running intro & diversity events:
# (^) Python Dominican Republic ran a Project night, Nov 19. [http://python.do/blog/reunion-30-noche-de-proyectos/]
# (^) Chicago Pythonistas ran a Project Night, Feb 27. [http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoPythonistas/events/163257702/]
# PhillyPUG is running Project Nights again; the first new one in a while is the result of a conversation I had with Dana Bauer. It took place Feb 17. [http://www.meetup.com/phillypug/events/165096342/]
# (^) PyLadies NYC organized a Linux Beginners Tutorial (their idea!) and I'm helping them with scripts and general support. [http://www.meetup.com/NYC-PyLadies/events/163631692/]
# (+) A multi-week intro Python event in Seattle is going to be organized by Mako.
# (+) (*) PyLadies SF is organizing an Intro to Django event on April 26. my role, as I understand it, was to help connect people. [http://www.meetup.com/PyLadiesSF/events/166595482/]
# (+) (?) PyLadies Boston is interested in running a Django-oriented newcomer's tutorial. Expected in May or so, after PyCon.
Groups with gender diversity improvements in speakers, due to my collaboration with them:
# (^) (+) PDX Python has booked Mele Sax-Barnett to speak in March [http://www.meetup.com/pdxpython/events/162097922/].
# (*) (+) I helped connect SF Python with more women speakers again. This will come to fruition on March 12 (but is not published yet).
# (*) (+) Connected Stacey Sern and Allison Kaptur with NYC Python for the PyCon warm-up talks in April (meetup page here: [http://www.meetup.com/nycpython/events/163115902/] but their names aren't mentioned yet).
# (^) (+) For the first time in its history (as I understand it), Python Barcelona has talk proposals from women. Their upcoming lightning talks will have more diverse speakers, at their upcoming "Learn Some Python" event on March 30. [http://www.meetup.com/python-185/events/161424252/].
Goals were:
* At least 3 intro / diversity events get run after consultation with the fellow (3 of 3 achieved, 6 if you count events after the end of the grant period, 7 if you count maybes)
* At least 5 user groups improve their speaker diversity in the second half of the fellowship (0 of 5 achieved, 4 if you count events after the end of grant period)
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