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Python user groups 2013: Difference between revisions

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Started: June 1, 2013
Mid-way: NovOctober 116, 2013
Extended end: March 1, 2014
(Star (*) indicates not yet scheduled, but seems very likely to happen. Moderate certainty.)
(Plus (+) indicates that it is expected, but '''after''' the end of the grant period. Moderate certainty.)
(Question (?) indicates that it is planned, but not scheduled yet. Low certainty.)
(Plus (+) indicates that it is expected, but '''after''' the end of the grant period. ModerateThis by itself does not affect certainty.)
Groups running intro & diversity events:
# (^) PyLadies NYC organized a Linux Beginners Tutorial (their idea!) and I'm helping them with scripts and general support. [http://www.meetup.com/NYC-PyLadies/events/163631692/]
# (+) A multi-week intro Python event in Seattle is going to be organized by Mako.
# (?+) (*) PyLadies SF is organizing an Intro to Django event on April 26. my role, as I understand it, was to help connect people. [http://www.meetup.com/PyLadiesSF/events/166595482/]
# (+) (?) PyLadies Boston is interested in running a Django-oriented newcomer's tutorial. Expected in May or so, after PyCon.
Groups with gender diversity improvements in speakers, due to my collaboration with them:
# (^) (+) PDX Python tentatively has booked a Mele Sax-Barnett to speak in March [http://www.meetup.com/pdxpython/events/162097922/].
# (*) (+) I helped connect SF Python with more women speakers again. This will come to fruition on March 12 (but is not published yet).
# (*) (+) Connected Stacey Sern and Allison Kaptur with NYC Python for the PyCon warm-up talks in April (meetup page here: [http://www.meetup.com/nycpython/events/163115902/] but their names aren't mentioned yet).
*# Have(^) an(+) outstandingFor Q&Athe withfirst Pythontime Barcelonain thatits couldhistory lead(as toI (aunderstand it), Python Barcelona has talk proposals from women. speaker(s)Their upcoming lightning talks will have more diverse speakers, at their upcoming "Learn Some Python" event on March 30. [http://www.meetup.com/python-185/events/161424252/].
Goals were:
* At least 3 intro / diversity events get run after consultation with the fellow in each of the first half of the fellowship (3 of 3 achieved, plus6 3if moreyou incount theevents worksafter for afterthe end of the grant period, 47 if you count maybes)
* At least 5 user groups improve their speaker diversity in the firstsecond half of the fellowship (0 of 5 achieved, with4 3if plannedyou forcount events after the end of grant period, 4 if you count maybes)
=== Post-second-half ===
Groups running intro & diversity events:
# (*) PyLadies Boston is excited about running a Django tutorial, though Jennifer there says it's likely to occur after PyCon
# (*) (?) Python Barcelona is likely to do lightning talks in March, which may include women speakers
That's the status right now, if I recall correctly. The second half has
about three weeks left.
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