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== Goal #0: Connect to the UW Wireless ==
If you already have a UW NetIDQuest account of your own, you should be all set with the network.
If you are not from UW, you will have to use athe temporaryUW sharedGuest NetID which we have created for the conferencenetwork. We'll write theNo username andor password upis on blackboard in each of the rooms we are using. Alosrequired, make surebut you agreemust withaccept the [http://uw.edu/itconnect/work/appropriate-use/ UW's policy on the ethical use of computers and networks].
== Goal #1: Set up Python ==
First things first: We need to install the Python programming language. Please complete the instructions below for your operating system:
* [[Windows set up Python (Anaconda)|Windows]]
* [[OSX set up Python|OS X]]
* [[Linux set up Python (Anaconda)|Linux]]
== Goal #2: Prepare a text editor ==
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