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Things you will need before you start:
* A Twitter account (you can sign up at http://twitter.com)
Follow each of these steps:
'''4.''' The next page will ask for application details. The first three are required so you will need to create a ''Name'', ''Description'', and ''Website URL''. You can choose whatever you want for these fields but keep in mind that the name ''can not'' contain the word "Twitter". You should leave the "Callback URL" blank. If you find it easiest, you can just use the three following examples:
:Name: CDSWPWFB Test Application
:Description: CDSWPWFB Test Application
:Website: http://www.example.com/
'''4.''' Look through the Developer Rules of the Road and then, if you agree, click, "Yes, I agree"
'''5.''' You should now see page a page that says "Application Management" on the top and the name of your app (probably "CDSWPWFB Test Application") right below the blue bar.
Right below that there are four tabs that say::
You will need all of these in order to have your Twitter application work.
Copy and paste each of these into a document or text file socalled that you have them all and know which ones are which'twitter_authentication.py' Bringas this information to the Saturday session.follows:
''Keep this material secret.'' Your access token and access token secret will allow anybody who has it to post to Twitter as you and to control your account. It is entirely equivalent to your Twitter password so please be as careful with it as you would be with your Twitter password.
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