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Community Data Science Workshops: Difference between revisions

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The workshops are for people with ''no previous programming experience.'' The goal is to bring together both researchers and academics as well as participants and leaders in online communities. The workshops have all been free of charge and are open to the public.
The sessions runare onschedule for one Friday evening for setup and on three Saturdays. Each session involves a period for lecture and technical demonstrations in the morning. This is followed by a lunch graciously provided by by one our sponsors for both of our previous sessions. The rest of the day consists of self-directed work on programming and data science projects supported by more experienced mentors.
'''Introduction to Programming (Session 1)''' — Programming is an essential tool for data science and is useful for solving many other problems. The goal of this session will be to introduce programming in the Python programming language. Each participant will leave having solved a real problem and will have built their first real programin their group. Because we expect to hit the ground running, we will also run a session in the evening of '''the preceeding Friday (Session 0)''' to help participants get software installed.
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