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Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014): Difference between revisions

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=== Session 2 (Saturday November 15th) ===
Come to [http://www.washington.edu/maps/#!/sav SavorySavery Hall (SAV)] 104 by '''9:45am'''. You will need time to get settled and setup. We want to start lecturing promptly at 10am.
Please come prepared to start working in your Python interpreter during the lesson. If you are going to be bringing a different computer than the one you brought and setup last time, you will need to go through the setup section of the [[Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Day 0 setup and tutorial|setup and tutorial session from the first Friday session]]. You don't need to do the tutorial or CodeAcademy lessons again unless you think that you could use a refresher. You can also skip the sections about installing ''Shakespeare'' and ''Wordplay''. We won't be looking at those in this session.
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