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Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014): Difference between revisions

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Please come prepared to start working in your Python interpreter during the lesson. If you are going to be bringing a different computer than the one you brought and setup last time, you will need to go through the setup section of the [[Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Day 0 setup and tutorial|setup and tutorial session from the first Friday session]]. You don't need to do the tutorial or CodeAcademy lessons again unless you think that you could use a refresher. You can also skip the sections about installing ''Shakespeare'' and ''Wordplay''. We won't be looking at those in this session.
To participate in the [[Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Day 2 Twitter project|Twitter afternoon session]], you ''must'' have registered with Twitter as a developer before the session by following the [[Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Twitter authentication setup|Twitter authentication setup instructions]]. If you did not do this, or if you tried but did not succeed, please attend one of the other two sessions instead.
* '''Morning, 10am-noon:''' [[Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Day 2 lecture|A 2 hour lecture-based introduction to the web APIs]]
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