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Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014): Difference between revisions

In the lecture, we're going to be doing building some simple visualizations online in [http://docs.google.com Google Docs]. Please make sure you have a Google Account you can use for the session and poke around at and create a new Google Spreadsheet. I suspect that most of you are going to use Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, Gnumeric, etc., in your work after the class but using Google Docs means that we'll all be using the same software during the lecture.
* '''Morning, 10am-noon12:20:''' [[Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Day 3 lecture|A 2 hour lecture-based introduction to data analysis]]
* '''Lunch, noon12:20-1pm:''' We'll provide lunch! This week it will be vegetarian Greek food including veggie dolmathes, hummus and pita, greek salad, vegetarian souvlakei, rice, and oven baked potatoes with olive oil, garlic, and oregano.
* '''Afternoon, 1pm-3:30pm:''' [[Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Day 3 projects|Python and analysis practice through short projects]]
* '''Wrap-up, 3:30pm-4pm:''' Wrap-up, next steps, and upcoming opportunities for learning and practicing Python
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