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Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014): Difference between revisions

nov 22 game time
(nov 22 game time)
Parking at UW is available but is not free. There is [https://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation/commuterservices/parking/selfserve self-serve parking] as well as gatehouses that are staffed from 7am on Saturday and can issue you parking passes and point you to an appropriate lot. More details are on the [https://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation/commuterservices/parking/daily UW Commuter Services website for Visitors and Guests]. UW is also well served by public transportation and easily accessible by bicycle with the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burke_Gilman_Trail Burke Giilman Trail].
One important note is that Huskies football games will be played at UW on '''Saturday November 8th and 22nd'''. The November 8th game will start at 4pm and the time for the November 22nd game haswill start notat been7:30 setpm. Parking may be more complicated and it might be worth considering taking public transit.
=== What to bring ===
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