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Welcome to the page for the '''Fall 2014 Community Data Science Workshops (CDSW)''' — a series of four sessions designed to introduce some of the basic tools of programming and analysis of data from online communities to absolute beginners.
The CDSW will be held on the evening of Friday November 7 and all day on Saturdays 8th, 15th, and 22nd at the University of Washington, Seattle. This pages includes links to the curriculum we we will use. We ran these sessions once before in in Spring 2014. Although we are updating the curriculum, you can see details of what we did lastin timeother onsessions [[CDSWover (Springat 2014)|the archived[[Community versionData ofScience theWorkshops|Community websiteData forScience theWorkshops previous workshoppage]].
[[Image:Cdsw combo images-1.jpg]]
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