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This program has been renamed
(This program has been renamed)
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#REDIRECT [[Open Source Comes to Campus]]
== Future events ==
=== Probably ===
** Talking with them. Possible dates: Sep 10+11
** Contact: JHU ACM officers
=== Possible ===
* Possibly at Portland State
** Contact: People from Open Source Bridge
* Possibly at Cornell
** Contact: rmo, or people he knows or can get me in touch with
* University of Texas at Austin
** Contact: Kartik, possibly
** Contact: ?
* Harvard
** Contact: HCS people, or Felice
* Caltech
** Contact: Keegan, for example
* washington.edu (Seattle)
** Contact: ?
== Past events ==
* [[U Penn open source 2010]]
* [[Harvard Open Source 2010]]
**Not attended
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