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* The [http://openhatch.org/+feeds/activity/ Recent Activity Atom feed] currently has people who click the "I want to help" button in it, so it would also be possible to generate Atom feeds for individual projects. --[[User:Pythonian4000|Pythonian4000]] 21:53, 12 February 2011 (UTC)
== Palhmbs's view / problems on/with OpenHatch.org ==
No. 1: Open Source involvement has to be both fun, and rewarding for new contributors/maintainers to stay interested.
=== Bug Trackers ===
** The No.1 problem I've noticed is in getting the right match up ( not all people match eachothers individual personalities )
** Keeping both parties interested in keeping up contact. Too often it's the mentee/mentors fault for not being proactive enough.
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=== A Project Maintainers Build Helper ===
** Set attainable targets, and have longer milestones (every 2 months)
** Group people's talent together ( UI , Bug Tracker, Missions, Outreach, Meetups ) - btw I like Asheesh's "Task Force" idea.
=== Describe different types of OSS involvement ===
Alot of projects I've noticed have problems finding specific types of contributors, some of them really, really need documentation helpers, but because in medium-sized projects nobody is interested in documentation, it gets missed.
Other projects really need bug triagers or translation specialists etc.
So - make it easier on Openhatch to allow projects to promote specific areas of these sort of bugs, or a specific tag on a bug.
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