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Login team (moved): Difference between revisions

** (Here's a summary of the document: You agree to be nice, respectful, and communicative. Asheesh can kick you out of the login team, but he will also try to be nice, respectful, and communicative. If you find a security hole, or otherwise discover a bad problem, you will contact other people and let us know. If you take reasonable actions like trying to diagnose the security problem, that's cool. If you exploit a security hole to do something that you are actually permitted to do, then that's pretty smart and crafty of you, and you should tell you did it so we know how cool you are.)
* Then if Asheesh agrees you should be on it, he'll let you on. You should hear back within four days.
== What you get, when you're on the login team ==
* SSH key access to the deploy user account on linode and linode2.
* When we have a VM hosted by OSU OSL, you'll get a personal account and sudo permission.
* SSH key permission to push to the Gitorious openhatch/oh-mainline repository.
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