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== Our recommendation ==
On Mac OS, we suggest the Smultron text editor. You'll have to first ''download'' it, then ''install'' it.
To install''download' Smultron:
* Click [http://voxel.dl.sourceforge.net/project/smultron/smultron/3.5.1/Smultron-3.5.1.zip this link and download the ZIP file]
* The ZIP file will expand, and you will have app called Smultron.
* Open Finder from the bar at the bottom.
To ''install' it:
* Click http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit/downloads/thank-you?dl=http://downloads.activestate.com/Komodo/releases/6.1.1/Komodo-Edit-6.1.1-7295-macosx-x86.dmg to download the Komodo Edit installer.
* Once the installer is done downloading, start Finder (the blue smiley face on your Dock).
* On the left side of the Finder, under "Devices", there will be and entry for "Komodo-Edit-6".
* Click on "Komodo-Edit-6".
* Click on "Komodo Edit.app" in the center column and drag it to "Applications"
* Start Finder
To run Komodo Edit:
* On the left side of the Finder, under "DevicesPlaces", there will be and entry forclick on "Komodo-Edit-6Applications".
* Drag the Smultron icon to any blank space in that window.
To ''run'' Smultron:
* Start Finder
* On the left side of the Finder, under "Places", click on "Applications".
* In the middle column, scroll down to to find Komodo EditSmultron.
* Double-click Komodo EditSmultron to launch the editor.
== Success! ==
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