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0.11.07: Difference between revisions

(Created page with 'Goals for the OpenHatch website project * Work duration: July / August * ''Release date'': Sep 30 == Themes == * Publicity * usability * stability == Specific goals == * Webs…')
* Project page usability audit (to move focus from bugs to projects), write up detailed bugs (with mockups!)
** Audit done, bugs filed.
** IWH UI mockup is blocking on me,Karen; Ishe shouldaims to do that this iteration
* Prominent links to the web forum from the training missions
** Next step: Someone has to decide where/what those links should be; the same or different person should submit patches. - https://openhatch.org/bugs/issue511, https://openhatch.org/bugs/issue512
*** Really anyone (who cares about UI) could get this started
* Jessica's bug import stuff
Anonymous user
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