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0.11.09: Difference between revisions

* When you click on "Mentors (149)", we should visually break that number down so that people understand how we calculated it.
** Suggestion by Michael Stone: Use an infographic. Instead of a number, we can show two visual indicators: one for language, one for project. Can be e.g. signal bars, or "Lots" "a few" "some": <a href="/people/?q=can_mentor%3A%22C%2B%2B%22">Mentors [<span style="background: #FF6D3D;">:::</span>] [<span style="background: #B8FD6A"></span>]</a>
=== Project pages ===
* People who've clicked "I want to help" can be managed by project managers. There is already a good mockup of this in http://openhatch.org/bugs/issue282
** Note: This UI requires that you log in. That's suboptimal. There's a bug about making this work for non-logged-in users.
=== Monitoring ===
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