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== FridaySaturday ==
== Asheesh ==
Before leaving home, bring:
* Power strip
* Laptop, laptop power cable
* Cell phone, cell charger
* Digital camera, with working SD card
* Box of Windows-oriented DVDs, and Ubuntu CDs, and Mac-oriented DVDs
At 9 AM, get to venue.
While there, ask http://www.theupsstorelocal.com/0681/ about:
* Printing welcome sheet, x100 [http://rose.makesad.us/~paulproteus/tmp/sfd-overview.pdf]
* Printing drink tickets
At 9:30 AM, configure mizmo's laptop to do VGA out.
At 10 AM, start getting Ignite talkers to find me and give me slides. Configure freedeb's laptop to do VGA out.
At 10:30 AM, introduce the event (BRIEFLY) and freedeb and mizmo.
At 11 AM, introduce Ignite format.
= Old stuff =
== Venue ==
* Friday: Find a second projector
** Asheesh will bring Mako's!
* General: Get a stool so dpic doesn't have to stand
** Deb will bring one from home on Saturday.
* Sound: We have 2 microphones.
** Do they work?
** Do they put sound into an appropriate place in the room?
*** If not, we can make a plan to bring an amp or speakers.
* Buy power strips and/or extension cords (CC is providing some)
** Visit the space to find out what we need (Or we can call Jane)
== After-party ==
* Drink tickets?
** Deb will make them at home and bring them on Saturday to the venue.
** Will we hand these out during registration, when people arrive, or at the party?
* Make time during the After-party to get all the volunteers into the same corner and say thank you
== Schedule ==
* We need to replace Jesse Vincent.
** Either with nothing, or with a surprise talk by Robot101.
** Asheesh asked Robot101. If he says no, we can:
*** Give mizmo 15 more minutes
*** Make lunch 15 min longer
*** Make Show&Tell 15 min longer. Ta-da!
== Web ==
* Adjust http://libreplanet.org/wiki/Boston_Software_Freedom_Day to refer to this year's
== Printed materials ==
* FSF will bring... what, precisely?
== Old list ==
(Deb's comments in parentheses)
* Make sure the schedule on the wiki is final
* Make a PDF version of it
** on colored paper, if possible
** Combine that schedule with a one-pager about the importance (and definition) of software freedom. (I bet the FSF is bringing these, http://www.fsf.org/resources/what-is-fs)
** When making that, look at "Preparing for the day" at http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/StartGuide
* Check that my laptop can join the wifi
** If not, escalate quickly (there will be a person at the front desk, although you could try tomorrow too)
* Find out ''who'' will unlock the door at 9am, (there will be a person at the front desk)
* Find out Deb's story for drink tickets (I'm making them at home)
* Ask for Ignite PPTs (or similar) from people
* Create auto-progression slide deck
* Buy power strips and/or extension cords
** Visit the space to find out what we need
* Burn 30ish Ubuntu CDs
** if ( paultag.canFind(key) ) paultag can bring a USB key w/Ubuntwo
* Burn
* Burn (baby, burn!)
* Does VGA at the venue work?
* Whose laptop are we going to project the Ignite talks from? (I don't mine being used)
** mizmo's?
* Burn something for Mac OS
** http://www.appleusers.org/dotm/september-dotm-free-and-open-source-software-for-mac-os-x/ ? I asked for an FTP login
** http://www.freesmug.org/fscd probably good, has a source disc, which is key
* Find a tall stool for dpic so he can sit while talking
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