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== Sep. 27 - 28, 2013 ==
== What it is ==
== Past events and history ==
The [[Indianapolis Python Workshop 1 | First Indianapolis Python Workshop]] took place April 13-14, 2012, at Indiana LinuxFest. Thanks to
* [http://python.org/psf Python Software Foundation] for generous sponsorship
* [http://fewerhassles.com Fewer Hassles] for generous sponsorship
== Upcoming events ==
We're catching our breath before setting a target date for theThe second Indianapolis Python Workshop. has Wantbeen toscheduled getfor involvedFriday in the next workshopevening, as aSep. participant, volunteer27, and/or sponsor?Saturday, Sep. Sign28, up2013, toat [[http://www.meetuplaunchfishers.com/python-182/ IndyPyLaunch Fishers]] andin watchthe forNickel announcements,Plate or contact us at <mpw-staff at lists.openhatch.org>District.
Want to get involved in the next workshop as a participant? Sign up to [http://www.meetup.com/python-182/ IndyPy]. Want to volunteer or to sponsor a future workshop? and watch for announcements, or contact us at <mpw-staff at lists.openhatch.org>.
==Why are we doing this?==
== Sponsors ==
* [http://fewerhassles.com Fewer Hassles] for generous sponsorship!
* [http://directemployersfoundation.org/ DirectEmployers] provided the 1GB thumbdrives.
* [http://www.sixfeetup.com/ Six Feet Up] is funding the workshop!
* [http://launchfishers.com/about/ Launch Fishers] is providing an attractive workspace!
* Our visiting (experienced!) instructors come from the [http://meetup.bostonpython.com/ Boston Python Meetup].
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