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== Write it from scratch ==
Practice solving problems in Python from scratch. These projects will guide you through breaking down the problem into steps and help you check your work along the way.
* [[Scrabble challenge]]
** <b>Project</b>: implement a scrabble solver that will tell you the best Scrabble words given a particular Scrabble rack. Great for cheating at Words with Friends!
*** working with dictionaries and while loops
*** working with randomness
== Bite-sized projects ==
Practice the language and practical Python applications through bite-sized projects where we've written the scaffolding for you so you can get to the fun stuff quickly!
* [[Twitter]]
** <b>Project</b>: Use the Twitter API to write the basic parts of a Twitter client. See what your friends are tweeting, get trending topics, search tweets, and more.
*** working with time and randomness
*** working with dictionaries and for loops
== Tutorials ==
* [[Make a website with Django]]
** <b>Project</b>: Work through the official Django tutorial, where you'll create an interactive poll application.
** <b>Skills you'll practice</b>:
*** using the Django web application framework
*** writing classes and thinking about inheritance
*** using Python to interact with a database
*** thinking about how web servers and clients interact
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