U Penn open source 2010/project organization exercises

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Use git

Do a "git clone" of John Stumpo's pomodoro applet

Examine history

  • Change directory ("cd") into the directory created by the "git clone" command
  • Read the output of "git log" to see the history
    • Answer this question: When was the most recent change made?
    • NOTE: You can use "q" to quit this program

Make a commit

  • Change the AUTHORS file to include your name
  • Run "git commit" to create a new commit with your AUTHORS file
    • NOTE: It tells you that you have to run something else first... that's okay, and if you have questions ask us!
  • Run "git push" to push your changes back to John's server!
    • You might get an error message. That's okay -- come ask us why!

Read about a patch

Take a look at this bug in Firefox, and the attached patch: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=520943

Then answer these questions:

  • Is this patch in Firefox yet?
  • What work is necessary (if anything) for the patch to get into Firefox?
  • How long has the bug been open?

That's the best ansewr of all time! JMHO

Read a wiki page about contributing to a project


Go to http://wikipedia.org/ and find an article with a typo. Fix it!