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Hi __NAME__,

Thanks for getting back to me before on the RSVP +1 thing. Sorry to be a
stickler, but we've had someone misunderstand the point of the workshop
and make things less comfortable for attendees once. Therefore, we set
some rules for the second event, which are here:


Anyway, it's important to us that we know who invited each guest, which
is why we prefer guests RSVP as a "+1" on the main attendee. It's
perfectly fine for you to attend, and to stay RSVP'd the way you are,
just let me know which person invited you.

If I don't hear back by Friday noon, I'll remove your RSVP so we can let
someone in off the waitlist. As always, we do invite you to sign up for
the ChiPyFans meetup.com page and attend all the various Python events
going on in the Chicago area.

Again, sorry to be a stickler, and we're trying to smooth out the
registration system so we can avoid confusion like this!