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Here is a suggested plan for the OpenHatch web tech in February and March and April. (To be cut on or around April 30, 2012)

Missions changes

  • Then we can write documentation for them, which would be grand
    • Driver: Asheesh
  • Add a training mission for IRC
    • Driver: None
  • Implement a Bash (command-line basics) training mission
    • Step 1: Sort out a better, interesting plot
    • Step 2: Code up a draft Bash Mission.
    • Step 3: Get user testing, suggestions & code review!
    • Next step: revise the last proposed plot; send to OH-Dev
    • Driver: Paul Bakulich

Bug tracker import

  • Code extracted into a separate package
    • Driver: berryp
    • Status: Probably done; needs to be reviewed+deployed by Asheesh
  • Would be nice: Code documented with Sphinx and docs hosted on readthedocs
    • Driver: ??
  • Github importer
    • Driver: johnmorr
    • Status: Nearly done; needs to be fully deployed by Asheesh

Sphinx docs

  • Some docs converted
    • Driver: mdaniel
    • Status: Done
  • Docs hosted on readthedocs
    • Driver; Asheesh
    • Status: Done

Front page redesign

  • Finish a redesign of the front page of the site
    • Driver: Asheesh + Karen
    • Status: Done!


  • Goals:
    • We have backups of the main server. (Done by Asheesh)
    • We have periodic testing that these backups can restore the site in case the main server goes away unexpectedly. (Not yet done)
    • We automatically remove some old backups so that we don't fill up our storage quota (Not yet done)
    • Driver: Asheesh

Source control

  • Finish the move to Github
    • Driver: Asheesh and Karen
    • Status: Done