Boston Python workshop 1

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This is the home page for the Boston Python Workshop: a project-driven introduction to Python for women and their friends, running on Friday, March 4th, and Saturday, March 5th. Read more about the event on the Meetup page.

This is a 1.5 day workshop. Friday is dedicated to setting up your development environment, and on Saturday we'll cover Python basics in the morning, break for pizza, and then practice by working on some great projects: a web app and a color wall.



You'll be programming effects like these for a ColorWall! (see this video for the ColorWall in action)

To do

  • Change the deeper pages so that there's a clear path forward
  • RailsBridge have lead organizers, and they rotate so that one point person per workshop instance who coordinates volunteers/attendance/space/food this allows for a workshop ~ every 2 mo. with no burnout
  • RailsBridge also gives a sticker to the participant after they demonstrate that they completed the installation steps so that we know on Saturday that they are good to go
  • Send people home with Learn Python the Hard Way to do the drills & organize a hack night a week or so after the workshop for follow-up
  • Perhaps create a second tier of workshop to get people to the next level? Get participants to become TAs or teachers at the next workshop
  • Fix the git deployment instructions so there aren't conflicts
    • (this is seriously important)
    • look into using something like djangozoom which does git deployment for you
  • Copy this curriculum & instruction set to a generic no location set of pages