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Saturday, June 29, 2013

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10am-ish - git session (tlevine/tom)

  • while sorting males and weeping floors, presenter tried to say "look at this link on irc" and then discovered that about a fourth of the people weren't on IRC yet. we all paused to make sure everyone was on irc.
  • make a patch, use diff -u
    • "separate people made these two changes. they both sent them to the developer (the main committer on the todo list)."
  • , showed us some bugs he submitted and told us little stories
  • IRC fun - /nick. /help doesn't work in webchat. /join #sunlightlabs and talking to people (hi jeremyb). and /part. and /msg.

10:45ish - git session (marktraceur/mark)

  • right before it, i got everyone to stand up and eat a donut to give mark time to switch out his computer, but then he switched out his computer really fast and everybody kept talking for a while. the break seemed to be good, and got participants to talk to each other.
  • how do you keep track of changes in a distributed software editing community? talked a bit about wikipedia as an example.
  • showed a diff for the wikipedia page in ccsf
    • question: if you delete it, can you get it back? great question because this illustrates why version control is great -- you can always get stuff back
  • mentioned gitorious, svn, github, mercurial, and more ... then independent code hosting sites (wikimedia has our own) ...
  • talked about differences between editing on wikipedia and using something like git (being online.... same edits...)
  • german legislature example. white house open data stuff. city of chicago.