Calendar deployment

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This is a page about improving or modifying OpenHatch.

We call that "Hacking OpenHatch," and there is a whole category of pages about that.

What is Calagator?

Calagator is a web-based calendaring app written in Rails that we use. If you are looking to add an event, you should go to the web interface here.

Basic links

Who can edit the calendar deployment?

  • Asheesh Laroia has shell access to the backend. Anyone can edit calendar data via the web. Anyone on the Login Team can request access, which will be immediately granted.

How do I access the server backend?


Once you are logged in

You will start in the home directory of the user calagator, which is at



The Calagator code that we all know and love is kept in the folder



Updating Calgator

When you change the code, you might need to notify the web server (nginx) somehow. FIXME: We should document here how to do that.