Chicago Python Workshop/Chicago Python Workshop 1/Saturday projects/Wordplay

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  1. Review relevant material from lecture (e.g. for loops)
  2. Go over through as a class
  3. Demo
  4. Create where you use scrabble_cheater as a module to return all possible words that could be placed against a letter.
    1. For this project, your script should run like this: python <RACK> <BOARD_LETTERS>
    2. You can assume that there is plenty of space between letters in BOARD_LETTERS on the board.
    3. You should also modify to return what it prints out, and put the surrounding code under a function definition.
  5. If you have more time
    1. Once you select a word, refresh the rack with new letters, and then add to the front and back letters of the word on the BOARD_LETTERS.


You've read, modified, and added code to a software project that makes it easy to get useful information from words. Keep practicing!