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Let's organize the volunteers. How do we organize? This is a rough draft page and I'm talking in first person which is silly for a wiki but this was all blank and not here so I wanted to put something here.


  • Sponsors: I have space (Orbitz) and Saturday lunch (Orbitz). I would like to be able to cover other meals Friday and Saturday as well. It would also be nice if someone wants to have an after the event gathering somewhere like maybe ps1? I don't know?
  • Helper Recruitment: We have a nice amount of helpers now. I think we need to focus on getting attendees. (I have to give names to security and the more helpers I have the fewer attendees I can have -- unless you work in the building and have a key-pass)
  • Attendee Recruitment: I will cap around 40ish because this is the first time I've helped with something like this and I want practice helping with a small group first and also want a nice learner to helper ratio. so, around 50 total. at least 10 helpers.

Play testing

The Boston group has instructions for environments, but maybe we want to play around with them in advance to be familiar with them. I haven't used Windows in a long time, but I use OSX and Linux (Ubuntu and Centos)

I'll work myself through the various projects to be prepared, and maybe people would like to do that together for fun?


I need to be here the whole time since I'm the area host too, but not everyone can so maybe we can list people per hours or something like that.

I can also help out with the whole event --Meg Ford

8/17 Friday set-up

  • 6pm
  • 7pm
  • 8pm
  • 9pm

8/18 Saturday

  • morning setup
  • morning lecture
  • lunch
  • afternoon projects
  • wrap-up

Building stuff

I am on the fire drill crew and will tell helpers the location of stairs and things so that people know where to go during a drill if there happens to be one.

We have a room for nursing mothers and I need to get the passcode if anyone needs it. Maybe I should add something to the wiki page asking if people need the room?