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Wrapup Notes


  • THANK YOU for taking part! I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and watching you learn. I look forward to seeing you again and staying in touch!
  • Overall, the most complete listing of beginners' resources is on the "Beginners' Guide" under "Documentation" at []. (Unfortunately, as of today, that website is still down! In the meantime, though, you can see the page at the Wayback Machine).

We'll pick just a few of these resources out for extra attention.

Online books[edit]

  • Think Python:
  • Learn Python the Hard Way:
  • Learn Python with games:

Video courses[edit]

  • Coursera:

Interactive online tutorials[edit]

Intermediate stuff[edit]

Python Cookbook: Hitchhikers' Guide to Python: Software Carpentry:


Central Ohio Python Users Group:

Next monthly meeting: Jan 28

Also check for upcoming Dojos


Please try to come to hack night this Wednesday - we can talk about how you're doing in learning Python and how to do what you want to do next!


Last weekend every July

Awesome annual conference!

Talk back[edit]

Please take the survey - help us make the next one even better!

And I'd love to hear from you at

Tell your friends[edit]

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