Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Day 1 projects

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Welcome to the Saturday afternoon projects section of the Community Data Science Workshops Day 1! After lunch, we'll break out into groups to practice Python through short projects on two fun and practical topics.


Wordplay: You are filling out a crossword and need a word that fits the pattern E*G****R. What are your options? How many words have all 5 vowels in order? What's the only common English word that ends in 'mt'? Use Python to answer questions like this instantly while practicing manipulating data from a file and regular expressions.

Baby Names

Baby Names: How many babies were born last year with your name? Are a wider variety of names used for boys or for girls? What are the most popular names used for both boys and girls? This session will use data from the US Social Security Administration on baby names from the last several years to answer these questions and more!