Conference Checklist

From OpenHatch wiki

If you've signed OpenHatch up for a table at a conference, it's your responsibility to take care of the following items (or find someone else to take care of them).

Staffing the Booth

It's important that, if we have a booth, we have people at said booth for a significant chunk of time. We should probably aim to have someone at the booth 50% of the time or more. Having multiple people at the booth at once is more fun for people staffing the booth. Before committing us to a booth, it's worth checking your own schedule and with others whether we'll be able to reach 50%.

Things to Bring - The Basics

  • OpenHatch stickers
  • OpenHatch Open Source Comes to Campus postcards/flyers
  • OpenHatch-branded tablecloth
  • Bowl of candy
  • notebook and pen so people can leave us notes when we're not there

Things to Bring - Optional

  • pictures from Open Source Comes to Campus to make the table look nicer
  • t-shirts, if we have them
  • Open Source scavenger hunt activity
  • spare laptop so people can sign up for things at our booth