Conferences 2012

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This page documents upcoming conferences and our goals + commitments for them.


  • May 12, WebMaking Instructor Community Conference, Cambridge, MA
    • Style: Unconference?
    • Theme: Webmaking and bottom-up teaching
    • Our goal: Explain the Boston Python Workshop strategy and learn what others are up to in this space
    • Status: Wondering if we can attend



  • Sun 7/8 - Sat 7/14: Debconf12, Managua, Nicaragua
    • Style: Week-long Debian fest
    • Theme: Debian
    • Our goal: Represent OpenHatch and discuss community organizing among Debian participants
    • Status: Planning (but not committed) to attend and speak (Asheesh)
  • Sat 7/14 - Sun 7/15: Community Leadership Summit, Portland, OR
    • Style: Weekend unconference
    • Theme: Community organizing, mostly in open source but also largely in commercial web forums around a brand (e.g. Zappos)
    • Goal: Represent the OpenHatch Way in FLOSS organizing and diversity outreach; and hear from other active FLOSS communities
    • Status: Interested in attending (Asheesh)
  • Wikimania 2012: Tue 7/10 and Wed 7/11 Hackathon
  • Wikimania 2012: Main conference
  • Mon 7/16 - Fri 7/20: OSCON, Portland, OR
    • Style: Week-long corporate megaconf
    • Theme: Open source in absolutely any fashion
    • Goal: Represent OpenHatch to, and hang out with, the wide variety of exciting speakers at OSCON (and attendees too)
    • Status: Karen and Asheesh's "Open source project growth as a user experience problem" talk accepted!


  • October 3-6: Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2012, Baltimore, MD
    • Theme: Women in tech, with a sizable open source track
    • Karen is part of a proposed panel on women in FOSS w. Pam Selle; iirc Deb had a proposal as well?
    • I honestly can't tell from GHC's website whether or not male-identified people are allowed to attend...